Crane and hoist design and overhaul

Our company designs, manufactures, erects, maintains and conduct larger overhauls of the cranes (electrical chain cranes – hoists, industrial cranes, cranes with mobile and fixed hydraulic lifting platforms, car cranes).

We conduct overhauls of the cranes of 1 to 500 tones capacity.


1. We assemble new crane rails, provide spare parts and conduct overhauls of old crane rails including conducting geodetic survey.

We provide all the above mentioned services relating to crane engineering on the basis of the principle “TURN-KEY”. We provide all necessary technical documentation - certification required by competent authorities.

We also provide other crane manufacturers with our services conducting overall overhauls of cranes and hoists: “SWF””ABUS”,”KONEKRANE” “Balkan Car”, “STAHL” ,DEMAG, Metalna, “Russian cranes”.

We conduct full overhauls of ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT of cranes including feeders, electric closets, control panels, frequency regulation etc.


2. We import all types of lifting platforms in cooperation with the German company Hofen Tehnik Ulm.

The premises of the firm are located in Belgrade.

We employ 17 workers, 5 engineers, sales managers and administrative assistants.


It would be our pleasure to become Your business partner.


Fields of Crane Overhauls and Modernization:

-   Exceeding crane capacity

-   Simultaneous work of two cranes, IT regulation

-   Crane radio control systems, crane remote control systems

-   Scales – designed to control daily production

-   Frequency control drivers to regulate crane movements, lifting load etc.

-   Control from the cabin – “GETCMAN” SR Germany

-   Electric equipment “SIEMENS” with air conditioning.

Crane spare parts are provided in accordance with technical documentation. In cooperation with and according to the signed contract with the firm “MANNESMANN DEMAG”, our experts in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering who deals with crane overhauls, attend vocational seminars relating to crane modernization which are held in Germany twice a year, in April and in October.